Monstrous Monday: Bone Fly Swarm

This is a very special Monstrous Monday. Not only was this monster idea provided by James Done, but he was actually its original designer! He passed the design along to me and allowed me to tweak and fiddle with the design myself to ensure that the numbers all lined up properly.

I did a little more than that. I streamlined some of the design of the monster, and reinforced some of the controller elements present.

He also runs an RPG-themed Youtube channel, if any of you fine folks are interested, called Minor Illusion, where he reviews different RPG products and companies. I encourage all of you to follow the link below and check him out. He has a lovely English accent and seems quite intelligent and informative.


So, without any more fanfare, I present James’ monster, the Bone Fly Swarm.

James’ description of the monster is as follows:

As individuals bone flies are tiny, bone white colored insects with bright red eyes. Formed together they produce a large swarm that can blot out the sun while flying overhead. Bone flies are made when a fly lays its eggs in the body of a creature that is then raised by necromancy. The process that brings the creature back to undeath changes the developing fly larva and produces a monstrosity. The fly is born with a ravenous thirst for flesh and with others of its kind the swarm seeks out its victims. Bone fly swarms can be seen swirling above undead multitudes and roaming the deserts seeking victims to strip to the bone.

And here are the statistics:

Bone Fly Swarm

And, of course, the PDF for download.

Bone Fly Swarm

Again, I encourage you all to check out James’ Youtube channel, Minor Illusion, and give him a bit of traffic. It really is one of the most encouraging things in the world to have your work recognized.

And, of course, if you have any ideas for monsters I should do in the future (or if you have monster statistics you’d like me to refine or publish), please leave a comment below or send me a direct message through my Contact Me page.


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