The Legend of Zelda is a Megadungeon

Want to know a secret? I actually kind of hate megadungeons. In theory, they should be great, right? It’s an opportunity to explore a vast superstructure, discover interesting puzzles, enemies, and magic items, and overcome ever-greater odds as you delve deeper and deeper into the dungeon. In practice, however, it feels much more like tedium. You go room by room, clearing them of threats until you clear the whole floor, then go to the next one and do the same all over again. In truth, it’s not the megadungeon that I hate, it’s the standard structure of megadungeons that I hate.

I much prefer something like The Legend of Zelda in my megadungeons.

“What’s that,” you say? “The Legend of Zelda games are open-world exploration games, not megadungeons. They might contain various dungeons within them, but they themselves are not, in fact, megadungeons.”

Oh, dear readers, that is where you are wrong. Continue reading “The Legend of Zelda is a Megadungeon”


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