This page is where I will keep documents containing all of the monsters, races, classes, subclasses, and other content I create for the blog. All of the content on this page is free of charge, and open for anyone to use. Enjoy!

Ranger Class – Alpha Playtest

This is the alpha playtest version of my 20-level ranger class.

PDF Link.

Monster Archive

This is an archive of all of the monsters I have designed for this blog so far. It is updated monthly to include all monsters from the previous month.

PDF Link.

Free Adventures

This is an archive of all of the free adventures I’ve written, available for you to run on your own.

Night of Samhain: The small town of Owen’s Mire has existed in peace for hundreds of years, but someone has opened the old crypt outside of town. Undead prowl the streets, and a deadly secret is keeping Mayor Ethan Burke up at night. Can you stop the undead rising from their graves? Can you solve the mystery of the Blood Guard’s crypt? Can you save these people, before they are consumed by the Blood Moon? Take on the challenge and face your fears in Night of Samhain.

PDF Link.

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