Monstrous Mondays: Criminals and Bandits

This week, we expand what Monstrous Monday means. See, to this point, I’ve only designed…well, monsters. However, I’m in the process of designing a short 5-level campaign for my group, and it takes place in a city. In the city, it’s not near as likely for you to encounter hunting drakes or mangles. Instead, you’re far more likely to encounter NPCs. Thugs, thieves and crime bosses.

In the spirit of that idea, this week sees my first official NPCs. And this week, I’m taking on Bandits, and specifically city bandits (is there a better word for that?) There are a few that already exist in the D&D Basic Rules, but I wanted to create something a little more unique.

I also wanted to take on an idea that the Angry GM proposed in his Articles on Monster Design. And that’s the idea of “racial traits” for monsters. The way he described it was that goblins all share a trait: Nimble Escape. Similarly, zombies all share the Undead Fortitude trait. I wanted to expand that idea into NPCs. All of the bandits in this article (and all future bandits) share the Banditry trait, which gives them the ability to use the Dash or Disengage actions as a bonus action on their turn.

This is also the most expansive Monstrous Monday that I’ve done. I’m presenting 5 NPCs here, all ranging in style and difficulty, including a “boss” enemy, to use in your low-level city games.

I hope you all enjoy! Continue reading “Monstrous Mondays: Criminals and Bandits”


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