Treasure Type Z: Armored General Archetype

GilliamThis week, we continue our exploration of Fire Emblem subclasses by introducing the Armored General. This is a version of the General class from Fire Emblem. However, the term “general” in a standard fantasy system is generally more of a leader, marshal, or warlord, which is NOT the point of this subclass.

The point of this subclass is to be a defensive bulwark. They are nearly impenetrable, heavily armored badasses that, just like the swordmaster, are probably 100% overpowered. But, again, I’m kind of okay with it. This is about delivering the spirit of the class, rather than something that’s viable for Adventurer’s League play.

Anyway, onto the Armored General. Continue reading “Treasure Type Z: Armored General Archetype”


Treasure Type Z: Swordmaster Archetype

I really enjoy the Fire Emblem series of games. I have ever since I was a kid and I first played Sacred Stones on the Game Boy Advance.Lucia_Artwork_(FE10)

My favorite class in the games has always been the Swordmaster. I always loved their speed and penchant for critical hits. So, in honor of the new Fire Emblem: Fates, which I’ve been playing for the past couple of weeks, I decided to take a crack at making a Swordmaster martial archetype for the Fighter.

It’s pretty basic, and probably 100% overpowered. But I don’t really care, because I think I captured the magic of the Fire Emblem class. Go ahead, test it out and have a good time.

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Treasure Type Z: The Revised Hunter

So, I’m working on an updated and revised version of my Ranger class right now. I can’t make any promises as to when it will arrive. Unlike last time, I’m not working toward a deadline. I’m just going to work on it when I can (this season is hell on my free time) until I’m done. Until then, however, I do have something to share.

See, one of the things I was rather disappointed with last time was how I was unable to do a complete write-up for the Hunter subclass. Of course, the Hunter already exists in the standard ranger, but I wanted to change things up and make something a bit more active and focused on battlefield control, rather than the oddly-situational benefits that the normal hunter gets.

Therefore, I have created THIS version of the archetype. It’s intended to be used with my upcoming version of the ranger, but can definitely function with the existing class in the Player’s Handbook.

I’m not going to give a whole lot of analysis or justification for this. It’s a Treasure Type Z article, so it’s just supposed to be new stuff. But I still wanted to give a bit of a preface to this, considering the odd situation. Also due to this odd situation, I will not actually be including a pdf link for this subclass until my updated ranger is complete.

And, without further rambling, here’s the revised Hunter archetype for the ranger class. Continue reading “Treasure Type Z: The Revised Hunter”

Treasure Type Z: Welcome! (And 3 magic items)

Instead of a re-post this week, welcome to my new series of articles: Treasure Type Z! Why Treasure Type Z? Because in the Monster Manual for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (that’s 1st edition, folks), Treasure Type Z is a little bit of everything. It’s coins, gems, magic items, whatever. And that’s what TTZ is going to be on this site. It’s a little bit of everything. The operative words being “little bit”. It’s not a Monstrous Monday, where I have to write a bunch of stuff about monsters, and it’s not a Friday Feature, where I write thousands of words on a topic and invest most of my free time, which I could use to spend time with other human beings. This is something small. It’s a magic item, or a new subrace, or a new subclass. It’s presented without explanation or analysis. Maybe it’s a quick house rule. Maybe it’s a template or a new character sheet page or a map. It’s just me sharing a little something with you.

So, in honor of the original meaning for Treasure Type Z, I’m giving you three quick magic items to use in your games. One weapon, one armor, and one wondrous item. Continue reading “Treasure Type Z: Welcome! (And 3 magic items)”

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