Deconstructing the Witch Hunter

This is one that I wanted to write last month, but got distracted by writing 7,000 words on Class Design, oh, and let’s not forget I was busy designing a Full Class and writing a Free Adventure. Back then, it was relevant with the whole #DnDiesel thing going on. However, I’m kind of glad I waited, since I was actually able to go out and see The Last Witch Hunter in order to give myself context for the class.

What is said context? Basically nothing. The movie has very little to do with the actual class, as Kaulder (Diesel’s character in the film) is really more of a Fighter than anything else, and doesn’t exhibit…any of the powers the actual class possesses. Well, I guess he lights his sword on fire. But it is by no means through the same mechanic as the class. The class actually feels more heavily inspired by the Grey Wardens of Dragon Age fame, in that it’s more focused around the slayage of fey, fiends and undead rather than witches. It’s also similar to the Witchers of the series by the same name.

First, though, let’s talk about the movie. Because the movie does deserve to be talked about. Continue reading “Deconstructing the Witch Hunter”


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