Monstrous Monday: The Nightkin

I did a little searching last week, and discovered that Monster Monday has been used a thousand times by a thousand different people. In order to keep myself semi-original, I’ve decided to change the name from Monster Monday to Monstrous Monday! That’s right, it’s the second edition of Loot the Body, so why not the second edition Monstrous Manual?

The nightkin are an idea I’ve had for a while. I’ve even used them in one of my less-successful campaigns. They make great early (level 1-2) enemies (or non-enemies, as you’ll learn). At a glance, nightkin are territorial, mostly non-hostile, goblin-sized, black-skinned humanoids with glowing blue eyes and teeth, and long claws on their hands. Similarly, their blood glows this same color. They’re entirely nocturnal, and work well as a substitute for wolves as a low-level stalking threat in the night. Continue reading “Monstrous Monday: The Nightkin”


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