Re-Post: Dragons in the Age of Heroes: The Dragon Gods

And now we come to our third re-post from the old site. This time, It’s about the dragons and the planar arrangement of my previous homebrew world. The idea of dragon gods has always appealed to me, yet Bahamut and Tiamat never have. This version of the dragon gods pays homage to the original two, but they are essentially the absentee parents of the current dragon gods.

Hopefully, you enjoy and get a bit of inspiration for your own games. Continue reading “Re-Post: Dragons in the Age of Heroes: The Dragon Gods”


Monster Mondays: The Hunting Drake

Welcome to Monster Mondays! I know I haven’t posted anything in a while on the old blog, and I haven’t actually posted ANYTHING on this blog, yet. Part of that is a lack of inspiration and creativity. Thus, Monster Mondays! I’m hoping that, by keeping up and posting something every week, even if it’s so simple as a monster idea, a stat block, or even something deeper, like a new ecology or history for existing monsters, then I’ll keep my creative juices flowing.

Therefore, I present to all of you: the Hunting Drake. Continue reading “Monster Mondays: The Hunting Drake”

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