Monstrous Monday: The Hyperborean Owlbear

QUICK UPDATE: The Monster Archive on my Downloads page has been updated to include all November monsters.

And welcome to the first unofficial Monstrous Monday of December. I’m starting early, because I’m incredibly excited to bring you guys some cool stuff. This month, in honor of the Christmas season (or Hanukkah, Ramadan, Festivus, whatevs) I’ve decided to give something back! Every Monstrous Monday this month is going to be a reader-submitted monster. Unfortunately, however, I’ve only got 5 Monstrous Mondays, so I can’t get to all of them. Therefore, I’m going with what I consider, through my completely scientific decision-making process (holding pieces of paper with the monster’s names on them in front of my dog and seeing which one he chooses), entries that are either interesting, evocative, or hilarious.

This first week, we’ll be tackling another owlbear. In fact, it’s another snowy owlbear. Now, for those of you who read my article on Dungeons and Darwinian Evolution, you’ll remember that I already designed a polar owlbear. So why am I designing another one? Because Neil Klopsch suggested something a little different. Not a polar owlbear, but a Hyperborean owlbear. What the hell is that? Follow me, and I’ll show you. Continue reading “Monstrous Monday: The Hyperborean Owlbear”


D&DE: Dungeons and Darwinian Evolution

This week was rather hectic, between scheduling issues at work and a nasty power outage. Therefore, I didn’t get to edit this article as thoroughly as I would have liked. If it comes off choppy, I apologize. 

I’m going to present you with a monster. I want you to tell me what’s special about this monster? What makes it different?

Ready? Here it is.

Tropical Sahuagin

Now, what’s special about it? Get it in your mind, write it down, say it out loud, whatever. If you’re in the future, then store the thoughts in your psychometric PAN cloud. Now tell me. What’s special about it? What’s different?

That’s right! Octopus Telepathy, Underwater Camouflage, and a poisonous bite. You get a cookie.

Now, can you tell me why?

You only knew that because of the title of this article. Cheater. I hope you choke on that cookie. Continue reading “D&DE: Dungeons and Darwinian Evolution”

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