Re-Post: 5 Magic Items for Magic Users

I’ve always felt that magic users tend to get the short end of the stick when it comes to magic items. I mean, they have Pearls of Power and Staves of the Magi and Rings of Spell Storing and Wands and Scrolls of varying effectiveness, but mages always seem to lug around the same five or six magic items, and they all seem to do the same thing: give the mage more spells to cast. There’s no variety there.

It’s boring.

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Re-Post: 5 Unique Magical Axes

Everyone talks about magical swords. They suffuse nearly the entirety of fantasy literature, movies, and even D&D. SCREW. THAT.

Swords are stupid.

Axes. It’s all about the axes, man.

Actually, this isn’t just about axes. It’s also about utilitarian design. Too many magic items are just “deal extra damage” or “add to your attack rolls” or whatever. This is an attempt to create magic weapons that feel like weapons, but also offer abilities that aren’t necessarily “combat” abilities. True, some of these axes are more combat-focused than others, but the idea is to create interesting items that one might think to use outside of a literal “I hit it with my axe.”
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Re-Post: Unearthed Arcana Review: Waterborne Adventures

This is an interesting one. Two of the subclasses in this document, you see, actually made it into the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide. It’s neat looking back and seeing what I thought of the Proto-versions of these subclasses, as compared to their final versions.

And I still love the minotaurs. Their culture continues to make me smile.
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Re-Post: Regarding Magic Item Glut

And now we come to one of my most popular posts from the old blog. Going back over it a bit, I realize that I disagree with some of what is said here. For example, +1 items do have their place (I did place three of them in Night of Samhain, after all). I’m sure I’ll get to talking about that at some point, though. This is just an intro. One thing I do really still like is the Numenera method of using cyphers to give players neat, single-use magic items that then disappear afterwards.

Oh, and don’t steal magic items from your players. That’s kind of a shitty thing to do. Also, my style is kind of Angry GM-ish here. I don’t recall if I was reading his work yet, but I don’t think so. That makes this kind of odd. Continue reading “Re-Post: Regarding Magic Item Glut”

Re-Post: Dragons in the Age of Heroes: The Dragon Gods

And now we come to our third re-post from the old site. This time, It’s about the dragons and the planar arrangement of my previous homebrew world. The idea of dragon gods has always appealed to me, yet Bahamut and Tiamat never have. This version of the dragon gods pays homage to the original two, but they are essentially the absentee parents of the current dragon gods.

Hopefully, you enjoy and get a bit of inspiration for your own games. Continue reading “Re-Post: Dragons in the Age of Heroes: The Dragon Gods”

Re-Post: The Archfey in the Age of Heroes

This post was for my previous homebrew setting that I was building. In it, I was drawing quite a bit from ancient theology and myth. One of the ideas I had was that the gods of the world didn’t necessarily have to be gods. In this case, that idea came to fruition in the form of the Archfey and the Sidhe Courts. This information no longer applies to my homebrew world, but I still find it amusing and interesting, nonetheless.

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Re-Post: The Narrative of Feats in D&D 5e

For the next several weeks, I’m going to be migrating several of my old posts from the original version of Loot the Body to this new version. I’ll be going in chronological order, and they will be posted every Wednesday. They will be minimally edited (there are a few wherein I promised future posts that will likely never be completed). Also, they will be posted without any of the pretty pictures I had, nor my witty captions. And that’s mostly because those pictures are gone off my hard drive and it would be far too difficult to retrieve them.

To start us off, I present my very first post written about 5e, on the narrative of feats.

This post was originally published on January 5, 2015.

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