Monstrous Monday: The Changeling Race

Let’s do one for the players, shall we?

When the very first Unearthed Arcana came out, long ago in the far off past, it included a new race for players to toy with: The Changeling. Effectively, it’s a shapeshifter that can transform into any humanoid it wants.

I had a problem with it. Not with the concept, of course. Shape shifting infiltrators are AWESOME. My problem was with the name. See, when I think Changeling, I don’t think of a shifter. I think of the children of the sidhe: fey- and monster-born. Trollkin and hagborn and the children of faeries and men. In mythology, changelings were faerie-children who were swapped with human children in order to infiltrate human civiliations.

Changeling Parent

Pathfinder has a Changeling race as well, though specifically focused on being the children of hags, rather than any number of monstrous creatures.

Therefore, the Eberron Changeling is known as the Faceless in my campaigns. And changelings…well, why don’t you see for yourself? Continue reading “Monstrous Monday: The Changeling Race”


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